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Thursday, May 2, 2024

How ‘apocalypse’ became a secular as well as religious idea

United Methodists repeal longstanding ban on LGBTQ clergy
Associated Press: United Methodist delegates repealed their church’s longstanding ban on LGBTQ clergy with no debate on Wednesday, removing a rule forbidding “self-avowed practicing homosexuals” from being ordained or appointed as ministers.

What we have to learn from students leading the charge for justice
Religion News Service: We need to be the kind of faith and public leaders we want our students to become.

New Orleans archdiocese is target of child sex-trafficking inquiry, officials say
The Guardian: Louisiana state police recently served a sweeping and unprecedented search warrant.

‘Wildcat’ review: Seeing Flannery O’Connor through her stories*
The New York Times: Ethan Hawke teams up with his daughter, Maya Hawke, for an unconventional and somewhat muddled portrait of a singular author.

How ‘apocalypse’ became a secular as well as religious idea
The Conversation: By tracing what events the media describe as “apocalyptic,” we can gain insight into our changing fears about potential catastrophes. 

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