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Monday, April 29, 2024

faith-based Black schools fight financial and accreditation woes

Divest? Call the cops? Presidents grapple with how to respond*
Inside Higher Ed: Some leaders have directly engaged protesters as encampments crop up on campus. Others have sent in the police, leading to violent arrests and sharp criticism.

Christian nationalist activists lead pro-Israel rally at Columbia University
Religion News Service: A ‘United for Israel’ march, advertised on social media earlier yesterday, was intended to show support for Israel, Jewish students and faculties.
CNN: What I learned watching suspended Columbia students share a meal with my community

Unpacking the truth of antisemitism on college campuses
NPR: Colleges have become a flashpoint in discussions about rising antisemitism. But some on those campuses say the alarm from politicians and groups distorts reality and their motives should be examined.

What would Jesus do? Tackle the housing crisis, say some congregations.*
The New York Times: The “Yes in God’s Backyard” movement to build affordable housing on faith organizations’ properties is gaining steam in California and elsewhere.

As many HBCUs thrive, faith-based Black schools fight financial and accreditation woes
Religion News Service: Several faith-based historically Black colleges and universities have faced governance and financial concerns, even as other HBCUs are seeing increases in enrollment and financial donations.

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