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Thursday, March 7, 2024

‘Of all vices, pride is the great queen’

John Paul II shrine ‘considering’ whether to remove mosaics by Father Rupnik

“We are carefully considering the best course of action concerning the art that was installed by the Centro Aletti community here at the shrine,” the Knights said.
Pope Francis: ‘Of all vices, pride is the great queen’

“Those who give in to this vice are far from God, and the correction of this evil requires time and effort, more than any other battle to which the Christian is called.”
‘Cabrini’ celebrates the saint whose trust in Christ changed New York

In movie theaters on March 8, “Cabrini” brings to life the late-19th-century New York City missionary work of the first U.S. citizen to be canonized a saint.
Sen. Marco Rubio demands Biden protect Catholic churches from attacks

“These attacks are not random nor are they the result of a temporary lapse in judgment by perpetrators,” Rubio, who is Catholic, wrote.
Uptick in attacks on Catholic parishes reveals hostility to faith, religious liberty

Attacks on churches are at an all-time high, occurring in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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