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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Notre Dame Cathedral’s restoration has been a 5-year journey of dedication and recovery

Young people becoming less happy than older generations, research shows
The Guardian: Report finds falling happiness among youth of North America and western Europe, but rise in sub-Saharan Africa and eastern Europe
TIME: U.S. falls out of top 20 happiest countries

The evangelical campaign against abortion faces three big pushbacks this year
Baptist News Global: When it comes to the 2024 election, a Kaiser Family Foundation poll finds women of reproductive age (18 to 49), Black women and women who live in states with abortion bans are more likely to rank abortion as the single most important issue influencing their vote this November.

Trump says Jews who support Democrats ‘hate Israel’ and ‘their religion’*
The New York Times: The comments, on a conservative radio program, echo an antisemitic trope and escalate claims he made as president that were widely criticized.

‘There are still so many things to do,’ Pope says in new memoir amid resignation rumors
Religion News Service: The new book, “Life: My Story Through History,” is being published in Europe and the United States on the 11th anniversary of Pope Francis’ tenure at the helm of the Catholic Church.

92NY, a historic cultural center, turns 150 — grappling with today’s Israel-Hamas war
NPR: Nonprofits often struggle to adhere to their original mission statements, especially as they develop new programs and serve new audiences. For Jewish institutions, the Israel-Hamas war has been an inflection point.

An ‘exvangelical’ on loving, leaving and reporting on the culture of Christianity
NPR: As an NPR reporter covering the Republican National Convention, Sarah McCammon was struck by the support Trump garnered among white evangelicals.

Notre Dame Cathedral’s restoration has been a 5-year journey of dedication and recovery
The Associated Press: The iconic medieval monument immortalized in history, film and literature has been gradually rebuilt over the past five years.

Revealed: Documents shed light on shadowy US far-right fraternal order
The Guardian: New documents detail inner workings of Society for American Civic Renewal, group with an emphasis on Christian nationalism.

Hundreds of Jews in Hollywood denounce Jonathan Glazer’s Oscars speech in letter
HuffPost: The letter accuses “Zone of Interest” director Jonathan Glazer of fueling “anti-Jewish hatred.”

Mosques depend on Ramadan for a third of their fundraising. Is there a better way?
Religion News Service: Looking for ways to de-link Ramadan and fundraising so Muslims can focus on worship.

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