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Thursday, March 21, 2024

Homeschooling is outgrowing far-right, Christian fundamentalism

Homeschooling is outgrowing far-right, Christian fundamentalism
Sojourners: According to a study by The Washington Post, in states where data was available, homeschool students rose by 51 percent between 2017 and 2023. By comparison, enrollment in private schools rose by only 7 percent.

Project 2025: How Trump loyalists and right-wing leaders are paving a fast road to fascism
Religion Dispatches: Project 2025 was launched in 2022 by the Heritage Foundation, a longtime marketer of conservative ideology that moved sharply into the MAGA camp in the Trump era.

Survey: US Hispanic churches could do more if they had more*
Christianity Today: Their pastors are mostly evangelical, sometimes bivocational, and eager for additional workers and funding to better serve their communities.

The massive copper mine that could test the limits of religious freedom
Grist: To fight climate change, the world needs copper. The third largest deposit on the planet is in Arizona, a site the San Carlos Apache say is “like Mount Sinai to us.”

Haiti’s crisis is at a tipping point. The world needs to help.
Religion News Service: The international community has a moral obligation to support Haiti during this crisis.

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