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Monday, March 4, 2024

Church Militant plans to cease publication in April

Church of England hoping to create £1bn fund to address legacy of slavery
The Guardian: Church plan to seek co-investors for fund comes after advisers said £100m originally earmarked did not reflect scale of ‘moral sin.’
How teens benefit from being able to read ‘disturbing’ books that some want to ban
The Conversation: When given the choice, the students in a study chose mostly fiction, with characters whose life circumstances in many cases differed from their own, including those associated with race, gender, sexuality, culture, language, mental health and household income.
Church Militant plans to cease publication in April
Religion News Service: The troubled far-right Catholic outlet’s fate was announced by a law firm.
UMC alternative worship group hosts first national gathering*
The Christian Century: Fresh Expressions emerged in Anglican churches in England in the early 2000s, and the concept caught on in the US.
Uncovering the higher truth of Jay Shetty
The Guardian: Celebrities call him ‘amazing’ and fans pay thousands — but what exactly do they get from this self-help guru with an iffy origin story?

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