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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Church attendance has declined in most U.S. religious groups

UN demands cease-fire in Gaza during Muslim holy month of Ramadan, its 1st demand to halt fighting
Associated Press: The 15-member council voted 14-0 to approve the resolution, which also demanded the release of all hostages taken captive during Hamas’ Oct. 7 surprise attack in southern Israel. U.S. officials chose to abstain rather than veto the proposal.


Church attendance has declined in most U.S. religious groups
Gallup: Three in 10 U.S. adults attend religious services regularly, led by Mormons at 67%.


Threats to Catholic Charities staffers increase amid far-right anti-migrant campaign
Religion News Service: Catholic Charities locations have become the target of far-right media personalities, conspiracy theorists and even members of Congress.


Plan to end ultra-Orthodox students’ military exemption sparks row in Israel
The Guardian: For years Haredi men have been allowed to continue Torah study, but the proposal could force some to enlist.


‘Crisis,’ ‘illegal,’ ‘migrant’ — language shapes policy, say Christian leaders
Sojourners: The language around immigration can vary widely in intensity and interpretation. But with the number of people seeking humanitarian protections in the U.S. rising to record highs, powerfully charged depictions and descriptions of migrants have escalated.

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