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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Why did four Mexican bishops meet with organized crime bosses?

Pope Francis erects new diocese, names bishop in West African country of Guinea

Pope Francis on Thursday erected the new Diocese of Boké in the West African country of Guinea.
Large families association launches ‘Save the planet, have more children’ campaign

The Large Families Association of Madrid has launched an advertising campaign featuring the message “Save the planet, have more children.” 
Catholic University installs Crucifixion artwork by imprisoned Catholic activist Jimmy Lai

The picture is now on permanent display by the St. Michael the Archangel Chapel in Catholic University’s Busch School of Business.
Why did four Mexican bishops meet with organized crime bosses?

Father Mario Ángel Flores Ramos of the Mexican Bishops’ Conference discussed with ACI Prensa the bishops’ recent meeting with organized crime figures.
National Eucharistic Pilgrimage: When is it passing through your town?

The stops, which were announced by organizers on Thursday, include shrines, cathedrals, parishes, cultural sites, and parks.  

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