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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Study Shows Americans Are More Spiritual But Less Religious

Lent pro-life volunteers alarmed as Germany considers UK-style censorship zones to criminalise help and prayer near abortion organisations


New draft law would introduce censorship zones in Germany for behaviour that could be perceived as “confusing” or “disturbing” – potentially including prayer. Asked about the frequency of “harassment” incidents at abortion facilities that would justify the introduction of censorship zones, the government admitted: “The federal government does not have any concrete numerical findings.” German lawyer Dr. Felix Böllmann: “The German government wants to ban something, but doesn’t know what or why”.

First Auditor General of the Vatican Appeals Ruling of the Vatican Court

Rafael Llanes

In Vatican law and Italian law, the prosecution and defense can appeal verdicts, and second appeals are allowed.

Vatican Chronicles: Pope Francis and His Role in Mexico’s Presidential Elections, Milei the Repentant, and New Dispositions for the Synod on Synodality

Jorge Enrique Mújica

Week of February 12-18, 2024  

Holy Land: Christian crisis goes from bad to worse, discriminated against for wearing a cross in Jerusalem


Pressure is growing amid a financial catastrophe and deepening religious hatred. Many Christians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem face economic ruin, with a record unemployment rate of 72%.

Kidnappings (not only of priests and nuns) in Nigeria are out of control: solidarity of the Dicastery for Evangelization


For years, Nigeria has been grappling with the scourge of kidnapping, which target not only priests and religious, but also foreigners, businessmen, politicians, government officials, diplomats, traditional rulers, as well as ordinary citizens, including students and school children, who are frequent victims of mass kidnappings.

Study Shows Americans Are More Spiritual But Less Religious

Rafael Manuel Tovar

The survey showed all older groups with a greater advance in spiritual values. However, those older than 65 grew in their spiritual life — 45% –, and only 8% said it had diminished. In regard to those younger than 30, a third have become more spiritual and a fifth less s

Pope Averts Schism in Germany: Full Text of Vatican Letter

The Sinodal Council, banned by the Pope by 2023, had the mission of constituting itself as a consultative and decision-making body capable of taking decisions on top of the dioceses and thus superseding the personal authority of each obispo in the trusted territory. The charter of the three cardinals in the name of the Pope logró detain what hubiera sido a cisma de facto or at least a serious act of desobedience
Pope holds cism in Germany: full text of the Vatican paper | ZENIT – Espanol

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