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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Pentecostals laboring in the field

Alabama justice’s ties with far-right Christian movement raise concern
NPR: In the days since Alabama’s Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos should be considered “extrauterine children,” the involvement of that court’s chief justice with a once-fringe Christian Nationalist movement has come under renewed scrutiny. 
The Washington Post:
Alabama judge says God opposes IVF. Religions hold varied views.*
Faith leaders urge Texas to reconsider death penalty case
Sojourners: With few avenues of appeal left, a coalition of faith leaders, family members and true crime podcast listeners say evidence that could prove Ivan Cantu’s innocence deserves to be heard by a court.
Three cheers for Baylor honoring Brittney Griner, but the game is not yet won
Baptist News Global: “The celebration for Griner is a three-point basket at the close of the half. It is not the game winner or the game changer.”
In the elite world of private schools, a James Turrell Skyspace gets an A.*
The New York Times: On the sixth floor of Friends Seminary, a Quaker school in Manhattan, Turrell, the internationally acclaimed artist who uses light to shape space, has created one of his perception-altering meeting rooms whose roof opens to the sky.
Pentecostals laboring in the field*
The Christian Century: Lloyd Barba shows how Mexican farmworkers established a viable life in the face of California’s industrial agriculture machine.

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