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Thursday, February 15, 2024

LGBTQ+ Americans to leave — or choose — Christianity

What it means for LGBTQ+ Americans to leave — or choose — Christianity
19th News: Almost two-thirds of LGBTQ+ people who were raised Christian have left, new data finds. But queer Black Americans have more to leave behind.
This Lent, take up some practices that counter the worst of our politics
Religion News Service: Yes, we have to go through this presidential campaign season. Here’s a way to do it better.
Greece faces growing opposition from the Orthodox Church over plans to legalize same-sex marriage
The Associated Press: Greece’s center-right government is speeding up its timetable to legalize same-sex marriage despite growing opposition from the powerful Orthodox Church.
Ten ways Christians can criticize Israel that aren’t antisemitic*
The Christian Century: Since October 7, many well-intentioned statements have undercut progressive Christians’ moral high ground by invoking antisemitic tropes. It’s an avoidable problem.
‘Erasing a part of history’ – What a double mosque demolition tells us about India ahead of crucial election
CNN: The demolition of two mosques in India within days of each other has highlighted the deep religious divide in the country, months before voters head to the polls for a nationwide election that is expected to hand Prime Minister Narendra Modi a rare third term in power.

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