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Friday, February 23, 2024

Kansas artist quits job to paint murals to revitalize parish

Art as a leap of faith: Kansas artist quits job to paint murals to revitalize parish

Mattie Karr took a leap of faith into full-time sacred art beginning with two 15-foot-tall triptychs of the descent of the Holy Spirit and the presentation of Jesus.
Australian bishop Christopher Saunders arrested, charged with rape 

The charges came after the Vatican turned over to civil authorities its findings on allegations that Christopher Saunders abused vulnerable young men.
New Opus Dei program ‘Youth’ hopes to answer young people’s questions

The “Youth” initiative is the result of the combined efforts of people from around the world.
CPAC panelists sound alarm amid transgender-related parental rights battles

The president of the American Principles Project, Terry Schilling, warned that the “transgender industry” is waging a “war on families.”
She left a wild lifestyle but thanks to the Virgin Mary found true happiness in God

After many years of superficiality and sin, Irasema Ángel experienced a conversion and turned her life over to God, crediting Our Lady of Guadalupe’s help.

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