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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Hindu groups promote the image of Christianity as a diabolical force

Call in India to Remove Christian Symbols from Faith-Run Catholic Schools

Rafael Llanes

Moreover, Hindu groups promote the image of Christianity as a diabolical force that intends to destroy the native Hindu culture with the conversion of Hindus to Christianity.

First Female Montessori Congregation Is Born in the United States

Dante Alba, LC

A public Association of Christian Faithful already existed since 2020, but it has now been given a new boost with the foundation of this new Congregation.  

Haiti: the wave of attacks against Catholics continues. 6 religious kidnapped

Amy Balog

The members of the Congregation of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and a teacher were kidnapped outside John XXIII School in Port-au-Prince city centre around 7am.

Burkina Faso: Islamist attack on Catholic church leaves 15 dead

Amy Balog

Twelve of the victims were shot dead instantly, while three others died from their injuries in hospital

“Gender Apartheid”: the new concept promoted at the UN by radical feminism and LGBT+


The term “gender apartheid” has been used by activists to criticize the Catholic Church and other religious institutions that have all-male clergy. To date the term has been used with regard to the situation of women in Afghanistan and Iran, which are governed by Islamic law. It is clear where the term is headed and that is to attack all faiths deemed “conservative” by the feminist international.

Australian bishops’ president speaks out on abuse allegation against bishop emeritus of Broome

Elizabeth Owens

Following a canonical investigation ordered by Pope Francis, the police opened a new investigation that led to the charges. Saunders will plead not guilty to all allegations.

Pope’s health again: two days of cancelled audiences

Jorge Enrique Mújica

During December 2023 and January 2024, Pope Francis refrained from delivering speeches, publicly citing the flu. A first impression might suggest that he never fully recovered.

After Pope’s letter that prevented schism in Germany, date announced for meeting between Rome and German bishops


The central topic of these talks will be the Synodal Committee, a point of conflict that has generated disagreements between the DBK and the Vatican

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