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Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Christians threaten democracy — and can help save it

Nurturing Children Through Worship and Prayer Initiative

A new grant is available to support endeavors that help children come to know and love God and grow in faith.

The Nurturing Children Through Worship and Prayer Initiative aims to support programs that help congregations strengthen worship and prayer practices that respect how children experience God and express their faith, include children with disabilities, draw upon the arts, create opportunities for Bible storytelling, and connect worship to the daily lives of children and families.

Sign up for an information session on Feb. 26 or 27 to learn more about eligibility and application guidelines.


By Shannon Hopkins

As the 1950s model declines, new ways of being the church are popping up all over, and gospel truths are now being found in new containers, writes a social entrepreneur.

Christians threaten democracy — and can help save it

Q&A with David P. Gushee

Reactionary Christians who embrace authoritarianism contribute to democratic erosion around the world, says a Christian ethicist. Yet the Christian tradition and its concern for the common good of all can strengthen democracy as well.

Age does not limit Christian leadership

By Angie Kay Hong

Encountering a unique ministry in San Francisco prompted a confrontation with her own ageism, writes a director of educational programs at Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.

Holding joy and sorrow together

By Jean Neely

At a time when the world seems laden with sorrow, a writer who lives with depression finds that joy is still possible — and is a kind of resurrection.

By Rhonda Mawhood Lee

The tender and solemn act of imposing ashes touches our common life and is a reminder of God’s care for us all, a priest writes as she reflects on a special request from a prior Ash Wednesday.

By G. Jeffrey MacDonald

Though the number of pastors leaving parish ministry hasn’t amounted to a “great resignation,” those who have left still offer insight into the current state of the American church.

Strategy questions

  • What does rallying to support a pastor look like in your congregation? 
  • When a pastor does leave your congregation, do leaders ask about the forces that contributed to the decision?

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