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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Chinese Christians approach the Year of the Dragon

While some ministries blame the Kremlin, some officials are asking: Does the threat to religious freedom in Ukraine come from Russia or Ukraine itself?

Production technology risks outshining the central elements of worship in America’s big megachurches, writes theology professor Brad East.

Their culture tells them the dragon is good luck. Their Bibles tell them it’s evil. How should Chinese Christians approach the Year of the Dragon?

After composing hundreds of worship favorites, Indonesia’s top Christian songwriter returns to his first calling.

In his new book on gratitude, Cornelius Plantinga says, “There’s no better way to walk in the light than by putting our sins to death.”

Behind the story

From Southeast Asia editor Angela Lu Fulton: One of CT’s Indonesian freelancers, Hendro Suwito, messaged me on WhatsApp last month about the powerful story of a well-known artist in Indonesia. Once a renowned painter of movie posters in 1960s Jakarta, Herry Priyonggo turned to music when hand tremors forced him to give up painting. He ended up starting a popular Christian singing group and writing hundreds of hymns. Today, he’s even picked up painting again.

I asked several fellow CT editors and writers who they thought would be an American worship artist equivalent to Priyonggo—someone popular in the 1980s who still performs today, who has written worship songs we now sing on Sundays, and who even wrote two musicals. Some of the responses included Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Rich Mullins, and Bill Gaither. Read the article and decide for yourself!

In other news

A Michigan church raised $40,000 for reparations to the local Black community.

A teenager pleaded guilty in the killing of a prominent Methodist minister in Tennessee.

The 74-year-old Philippe Petit, who walked on a high wire between the Twin Towers 50 years ago, walked another tightrope at a famous church in New York City.

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