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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

10 ways to celebrate Ash Wednesday on Valentine’s Day

Antisemitism and safety fears surge among US Jews, survey finds
The Associated Press: Nearly two-thirds of American Jews feel less secure in the U.S. than they did a year ago, according to a new national survey.
Hearts and ashes: 10 ways to celebrate Ash Wednesday on Valentine’s Day
Religion News Service: It’s a marriage of holidays most sorrowful and saccharine.
Catholic Church works to explain what same-sex blessings are and are not
NPR: Pope Francis’ declaration in December allowing for such blessings officially OK’d a practice that some priests have been doing for a long time but more or less as an open secret.
Peace pilgrimage takes up war in Gaza as a civil rights issue
Religion News Service: Many Black Americans view the Palestinian cause in the context of the African American experience of oppression. This has on occasion strained relations with American Jews.
Is a Christianity without boundaries still Christian?
Sojourners: As theologian David Congdon writes in his new book, “Who Is a True Christian?,” the call to “Make America Great Again” has often coincided with a call to “Make Christianity Great Again.”

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