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Wednesday, January 3, 2024

Rest can be hard work

By Christine Hribar (2014)

As we lean toward the incarnation during Advent, we need to remember our bodies, says a pastor and yoga instructor.

By Gretchen E. Ziegenhals (2005)

Taking on a spiritual discipline, such as carving out Sabbath time, might strengthen and renew your leadership. And it might be a resolution you can actually keep.

By Chanequa Walker-Barnes (2018)

Deeply and faithfully loving and caring for oneself is enough — it’s not just a pause between activities, writes a seminary professor and psychologist.

By Mycal X. Brickhouse (2023)

Jesus modeled the requirement to step away in order to sustain his ministry, writes a director of programs and grants with Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.

By Eliza Cortés Bast (2021)

The calls to work for justice and to make room for rest are significant and difficult to balance, writes a pastor and leader.

Ministers cannot thrive if they neglect themselves

By Jessica Young Brown (2021)

Clergy must honor all aspects of their lives to be healthy in ministry, writes a clinical psychologist who focuses on faith and mental health.

By Samuel Rahberg (2021)

A walk by a stream prompts a writer and spiritual director to wonder: Could a fresh understanding of joy help restore us?

By Jessica Young Brown (2023)

Modern understandings of self-care often focus on temporary fixes, not long-term wholeness, says a psychologist.

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