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Thursday, January 25, 2024

‘Nones’ may have dim view of religion, but many still say they’re ‘spiritual’

Religious ‘nones’ are now the largest single group in the U.S.Jan. 24 - NPRAmerica’s ‘nones’ present often conflicting views on religion and spirituality in Pew studyJan. 24 - The Washington Times *‘Nones’ may have dim view of religion, but many still say they’re ‘spiritual’Jan. 24 - Crux In the news

Great Basin tribes want Bahsahwahbee massacre site in Nevada named national monumentJan. 24 - The Associated Press245,000 Jewish Holocaust survivors are alive today. Where are they now?Jan. 24 - The Washington Post *Greece faces growing opposition from the Orthodox Church over plans to legalize same-sex marriageJan. 24 - The Associated PressVatican court convicts former altar boy who served the popeJan. 23 - The Washington Post *Biden campaign puts reproductive rights front and center as it plans to tie Trump to abortion bansJan. 22 - CNNModi opens a giant temple in a triumph for India’s Hindu nationalistsJan. 22 - The New York Times *Elon Musk visits site of Auschwitz concentration camp after uproar over antisemitic X postJan. 22 - CBS NewsAn atheist chaplain and a death row inmate’s final hoursJan. 21 - The New York Times *Missouri abortion rights groups launch effort to place constitutional amendment on the 2024 ballotJan. 18 - NBC NewsHarsh Israeli rhetoric against Palestinians becomes central to South Africa’s genocide caseJan. 18 - The Associated Press

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