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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Evangelical Christian voters follow their party more than their faith

In Iowa and beyond, evangelical Christian voters follow their party more than their faith
Religion News Service: An evangelical kingmaker in Iowa warned that Donald Trump’s campaign is doomed and is backing Ron DeSantis in the upcoming caucuses. Still, Trump seems poised for an easy win in Iowa and beyond.
Christianity Today:
Iowa voters never lost faith in Trump*

How we learn to see history: A case study at the National Cathedral*
The Washington Post: Woodrow Wilson’s memorial is directly next to the new Elizabeth Alexander tablets and Kerry James Marshall windows replacing the Confederate stained glass windows.

Is Israel part of what it means to be Jewish?*
The New York Times: Some progressive Jews are embracing “diasporism” — reimagining their faith as one that blesses their lives in America and elsewhere.

The three-decade saga that led to the Crown Heights tunnels
The Guardian: How a group of anti-establishment yeshiva students from the Israeli city of Tzfat took control of the Chabad-Lubavitch synagogue in Brooklyn and started digging.

A small Pennsylvania college’s big investment in the humanities*
Inside Higher Ed: Lycoming College is providing more research and experiential learning opportunities for students in hopes of setting itself apart in a tough enrollment environment.

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