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Friday, December 15, 2023

Mike Bickle confesses to past ‘moral failures’ but not sexual abuse

How a student group is influencing a generation’s views on Palestine*
The New Yorker: Activists with Students for Justice in Palestine have mobilized major campus demonstrations in support of Gaza — and provided an intellectual framework for protesters watching what’s happening in the Middle East.
Mike Bickle confesses to past ‘moral failures’ but not sexual abuse*
Christianity Today: The International House of Prayer founder speaks out for the first time as the ministry launches a third-party inquiry.
‘A long journey’: blessings for same-sex couples expose Church of England divisions
The Guardian: This Sunday, Church of England clergy can voluntarily use special “prayers of love and faith” to bless same-sex couples. It is a significant moment, but not an end to arguments and campaigning.
Alabama’s upcoming gas execution could harm witnesses and violate religious liberty
NPR: The state of Alabama plans to execute a prisoner in January using nitrogen hypoxia, a process so novel and untested that state officials required the man’s spiritual adviser to sign a waiver that said he could be exposed to the gas.
A man was charged in the fatal stabbing of beloved Detroit synagogue president. The two didn’t know each other, police say
CNN: “Let me state very clearly … there are no facts to suggest that this defendant knew Ms. Woll and there are certainly no facts to suggest that this was a hate crime,” Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said during a Wednesday news conference.

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