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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Combat violence with holy imagination

Parties canceled. Celebrations toned down. Hanukkah won’t be the same this year.
Religion News Service: With the Israeli military in the midst of a destructive showdown in its war with Hamas, many U.S. Jews aren’t in the mood for triumphant Hanukkah cheer.
Judge hands World Vision a defeat in employment case
Christianity Today: The federal case is one of several around the country right now where courts are trying to balance nondiscrimination statutes with religious freedom.
Got climate angst? At the U.N. summit, there’s a quiet, spiritual place.*
The New York Times: A pavilion at COP28 offers a space for meditation, prayer and something that feels lacking, at times, from global warming talks: hope.
Daddy Yankee is the latest star to trade the charts for church
BBC: Puerto Rican superstar Daddy Yankee has announced he’s giving up music to devote his life to religion.
The Pentecostal pastor who wants to combat violence with holy imagination
Sojourners: Pastor and activist Michael McBride is working toward a world where gun violence is truly addressed.

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