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Thursday, December 21, 2023

‘blessings for same-sex unions of any kind are not permitted’

Same-sex blessings: Sinners can be blessed but not their sin, Spanish bishop says

For Bishop Munilla, it’s important to “stick to what is clear and ask the Lord to clarify what is not clear,” because “the Church also suffers from this crisis of relativism in which our culture is mired."
Bishops in Malawi declare ‘blessings for same-sex unions of any kind are not permitted’

Bishops in Malawi have prohibited the implementation of the Vatican declaration on the blessing of “same-sex couples” and couples in other “irregular situations.”
Convent in Gaza uninhabitable after taking fire; residents take refuge in parish church

The convent, which was home to over 54 disabled persons as well as three religious sisters, was greatly damaged by rocket fire on Saturday, Dec. 16.
Pope Francis: The Nativity is an example of ‘joy’ and ‘amazement’

Pope Francis on Wednesday spoke during his general audience on the importance of approaching the coming of Christ with “joy” and “amazement.”
Dissenting priests in Syro-Malabar Church protest Pope Francis’ Christmas deadline 

Tensions have risen in the Eastern Catholic Church in the Indian state of Kerala as the deadline approaches to implement a universal liturgy.

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