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Tuesday, December 12, 2023

A preacher must humanize suffering

By Gabby Cudjoe-Wilkes

As we’ve learned through COVID-19, faith communities can adapt. Church leaders must be willing to continue sparking change by asking new questions and challenging old answers.

By Jessica Young Brown

We cannot deny the world’s suffering, but building up our sources of joy can help sustain us in work for justice, writes a clinical psychologist.

By Susan Benesch

The Israel-Hamas war has spawned hateful, violent and even genocidal comments, both in person and online. An expert offers suggestions for Christian leaders to recognize and undermine it.

By Victoria Atkinson White

Partners, collaborators and allies may first show up as unannounced and unknown visitors, writes a director of grants with Leadership Education at Duke Divinity.

Q&A with Luke A. Powery

A preacher’s main task is not to make a political stand but to preach the gospel by showing how God lives in the midst of human suffering, says the dean of Duke Chapel.

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