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Wednesday, November 15, 2023



Once again, Jesus uses parables to explain the Kingdom of Heaven (Mt 25, 14-30). This time it presents a man who leaves his closest collaborators in the care of his assets, expecting each of them to take care of these assets as if they were their own. At the time of returning that man asks each of his collaborators for an account. This man sees with satisfaction the performance of the first two, who made the entrusted goods multiply; however, the latter excuses himself from the fear of losing what does not belong to him due to misuse. The latter did not know how to reciprocate the trust placed in him, nor was he interested in taking care of what was given as his own, he simply did not use his talents to honor the trust placed in Him.

This parable reminds us that God has placed his trust in each of us and has given us gifts and talents that we must use wisely so that the Kingdom of God is built. Laziness, lack of interest, selfishness should not guide our lives, because none of them build life, and do not make present the work of God among men.

Today's second reading, from the apostle Saint Paul (1 Thes 5, 1-6), invites us to be aware that there is a return of Jesus in his glory and at that moment there will be the judgment. It will be an unexpected moment, but at the same time a moment prepared by Christians. It will be time to introduce each person with their story and the fruits generated. It is precisely that moment that describes today's gospel parable. This is the moment that every Christian must keep in mind and not ignore as if that day were not going to happen. Let us act diligently, convinced that God knows everything and sees everything, and sees our efforts to make his Kingdom prosper in the world, just as he has commissioned us to do. Amen.

Fr. Carlos Flores, OSA

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