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Thursday, November 2, 2023

‘The embodiment of white Christian nationalism in a tailored suit’

Largest Christian university in US faces record fine after federal probe into alleged deception
The Associated Press: The country’s largest Christian university is being fined $37.7 million by the federal government amid accusations that it misled students about the cost of its graduate programs.
‘The embodiment of white Christian nationalism in a tailored suit’*
The New York Times: Mike Johnson is the first person to become speaker of the House who can be fairly described as a Christian nationalist, a major development in American history in and of itself.
Haredi Jews, exempt from Israel’s military service mandate, sign up to fight
Religion News Service: “This isn’t a drill. This is an actual war,” one ultra-Orthodox Israeli said. “During wartime, we must all do the maximum. Anyone who isn’t studying Torah full time should contribute.”
Cornell student arrested in connection with antisemitic threats on New York campus
NPR: Two days after social media posts threatened a violent rampage against Jewish students at Cornell University, in Ithaca, New York, federal prosecutors have filed charges against a 21-year-old student.
This All Souls’ Day, experience moments of connection with those who have gone before us
Religion News Service: This is an intentional act of cultivating relationship with our ancestors.

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