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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Do the people on death row deserve joy?

By Dewey Williams

A pastor discovers that preaching to people scheduled to die is an experience of joy — for him and for them.

By Shari Finnell

New research reveals uncertainty about technology use among smaller churches, while for larger churches it has become “second nature.”

By Emily Lund

What might happen if we greeted the season with wonder and amazement?

Q&A with Rhonda Thomas

Legislation limiting what can be taught in public schools fueled a Florida nonprofit’s decision to develop a Black history toolkit for faith communities.

By Shannon W. Dycus

We can reframe the Advent season in order to reclaim it, writes an author and academic.

By Melba Newsome 

A church-led community collaboration 20 years in the making has brought new affordable housing for seniors to Charlotte, North Carolina.

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