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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego - 50th Annual Convention

50th Annual Convention of

The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego

By: Chris Tumilty, Director of Communications

The call to "be courageous" is a familiar phrase in the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego because it speaks to the human spirit's incredible capacity to rise above adversity. As Bishop Susan reminds us, courage isn't the total absence of fear but the choice to move forward despite a measure of it–a call to embrace our humanity, with all its vulnerabilities, to strive towards God’s purpose.

This year, at the 50th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego, we are very excited to celebrate five decades of ministry together. This year’s celebration is a reminder that while our journey may be bumpy at times, the path is illuminated by faith, courage, strength, and love. Read More

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