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Monday, October 16, 2023

Anti-war Russian clergy face punishment

Gaza’s hospitals face ‘impossible’ choices with Israel evacuation order*
The New York Times: As a widely anticipated ground invasion looms, hospitals in Gaza City said they had no way to evacuate thousands of sick and injured patients.
‘War knows no religion’: Gaza’s oldest church shelters Muslims, Christians
Al Jazeera: The Church of Saint Porphyrius has become a sanctuary for those displaced by Israeli bombing, across all faiths.
Anti-war Russian clergy face punishment
DW: Clergy have been defrocked and fined in court for speaking out against the war in Ukraine as the Russian Orthodox Church brings members into line ideologically.
Palestinian-American boy killed and his mother injured after landlord stabs them because they were Muslim, authorities say
CNN: A Chicago-area landlord was arrested and charged with murder and hate crimes after authorities said he stabbed and killed a 6-year-old boy and seriously wounded his mother, allegedly because the tenants are Muslim.
A U.K. university will confer a new title: A master’s degree in the occult*
The New York Times: The postgraduate degree, to be offered at the University of Exeter starting next year, will focus on the history of magic, folklore and rituals.

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