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Friday, September 15, 2023

Religions from around the world gather together in Berlin

Wheaton College releases report on its history of racism*
Christianity Today: Task force and trustees call for community repentance, starting with a change to the name of the library.
Kim Davis is ordered to pay $100,000 to same-sex couple she denied marriage license
NPR: A federal jury has awarded $100,000 to a same-sex couple who sued a former county clerk in Kentucky who refused to issue them a marriage license, claiming that doing so would violate her religious beliefs.
Sweeping study finds 1,000 cases of sexual abuse in Swiss Catholic Church since mid-20th century
The Associated Press: A sweeping, year-long study of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and others in Switzerland published Tuesday has turned up more than 1,000 cases since the mid-20th century, as the Swiss church becomes the latest in Europe to reckon with the abuse scandal.
Schlock horror! Meet the family who made lurid movies for the Lord
The Guardian: The ultimate in low-budget film-making, the Ormonds specialized in bad-taste drive-in movies until a plane crash turned their attention to God.
Religions from around the world gather together in Berlin
DW: The war in Ukraine has entangled both politics and religion. In Berlin, it shaped the large peace rally organized by the Catholic community of Sant’Egidio, which brought together representatives from dozens of faiths.

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