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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

More than 10,000 are missing in Libya

More than 10,000 are missing in Libya

The Libyan authorities said yesterday that thousands were still missing after catastrophic flooding hit the northeastern part of the country, an indication that the death toll, which already surpassed 5,000, could rise further in coming days.

Desperately needed aid was trickling into the northeast. But the coastal city of Derna, much of which was destroyed by torrents of water from two dams that collapsed, was accessible only from an unpaved road.

Ruba Hatem Yassine escaped Derna to find safety, along with her pregnant sister and several older relatives. She recounted how they dashed from rooftop to rooftop as floodwaters swallowed the streets, sheltering in storage areas as their neighbors, who were trapped in the waters or under rubble below, cried out for help.

Here’s what else we know about the disaster. These photos offer an on-the-ground look at what the area has endured.

In Morocco, the towns and villages of the Atlas Mountains were building a thriving tourist industry. The earthquake may have jeopardized that economic lifeline.

Hard questions for travelers: With so many popular destinations devastated by disasters this year — Turkey, Greece, Hawaii and Morocco — tourists have to ask themselves if their presence is a burden or a benefit.

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