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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Labor Day means ‘radical solidarity’ with working families

Pope Francis tells Mongolia’s tiny Catholic community that ‘God loves littleness’

“Brothers and sisters, do not be concerned about small numbers, limited success, or apparent irrelevance,” Pope Francis assured missionaries in Mongolia.
Pope Francis quotes Buddha at interreligious event in Mongolia

In a meeting with Mongolian Buddhists, Shamans, Shintoists, and other religious representatives, Pope Francis said Sunday that interreligious dialogue is “not antithetical to proclamation,” but helps religious traditions to understand each other.
As a new school year begins, Catholic groups draw battle lines in culture war

Several Catholic organizations and activist efforts are working to push back on the extreme ideologies in much of public schooling.
Labor Day means ‘radical solidarity’ with working families, U.S. bishops say

On Labor Day, the U.S. bishops call for economic policy and community advocacy to prioritize working families.
Catholics from mainland China and across Asia in Mongolia for Mass with Pope Francis

While papal Masses on the pope’s other international trips can draw hundreds of thousands of people, the Mass in the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar only had an estimated 2,500 in attendance

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