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Friday, September 8, 2023

Christians are twice as likely to own dogs as cats

Mike Pilavachi, a prominent UK evangelical and founder of the youth festival Soul Survivor, engaged in “coercive behavior” and inappropriate relationships over four decades, a Church of England investigation concluded.

Jordanian Christians are calling for a change in funeral traditions as financial constraints make it harder to feed hundreds at the customary post-burial luncheon.

Christians are twice as likely to own dogs as cats.

“Why Following Jesus Does Not Mean You Have to Change the World, Be an Expert in Everything, Accept Spiritual Failure, and Feel Miserable Pretty Much All the Time” is quite a subtitle for a book. But Kevin DeYoung’s latest delivers, reminding us of the pleasure and easy yoke our merciful God intends for us.

The Lisu, a remote ethnic minority group in the mountains of southern China, owe their Christian faith and their written language to a missionary that came a century ago.

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