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Thursday, September 21, 2023

An unlettered theologian - the remarkable ministry of Sojourner Truth

Southern Baptists expel Oklahoma church after pastor defends his blackface and Native caricatures
The Associated Press: The Southern Baptist Convention has ousted an Oklahoma church whose pastor defended his blackface performance at one church event and his impersonation of a Native American woman at another.
Jerry Falwell’s legal battle with Liberty University — and his brother — escalates
Religion News Service: In an amended complaint filed in federal court last week, Falwell Jr. alleged several board members diverted university funds to private causes and overlooked sexual misconduct by former leaders.
An unlettered theologian*
The Christian Century: Nancy Koester’s biography captures the remarkable ministry of Sojourner Truth, who could not read or write.
Religious objections to diversity policies spur new legal issues*
Bloomberg: An increasing number of workers are seeking faith-based accommodations with respect to workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion policies, adding an extra wrinkle to an already tricky legal landscape.
Less than a third of Catholics say marriage and kids are ‘very important’ to a fulfilling life*
America: The American public’s views of the family are “complicated” and becoming “more pessimistic than optimistic about the institution of marriage and the family,” according to a new report from Pew Research Center.

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