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Thursday, August 31, 2023

When God Made Time

John Illsley - When God Made Time 
When God made time, He made plenty of it. 
In the garden Adam met his match. 
Apple tree tempting fate beginnings of love and hate. 
Laid down for eternity. 
When I saw you standing there in the moonlight. 
There's a place for us, there's no doubt. 
I'm feeling good, your feeling good I guess. 
I knew we would. Like feather's floating on the breeze. 
When God made time. He made plenty of it. 
Doesn't matter where you started from. 
America or Pakistan, China, India or Japan. Russia, France or Germany. 
Nothing better than someone who loves you. 
Nothing better than someone to love. 
I'm just going from what I need, sweet taste of harmony. 
Like the touch of a velvet glove. 
When God made time, He made plenty of it. 
Footprints will disappear in time. 
Spring is here, morning dew, new life is pushing through. 
Feel the warmth of the morning sun.

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