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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

San Francisco’s Roman Catholic archdiocese filed for bankruptcy

San Francisco Archdiocese declares bankruptcy amid hundreds of lawsuits alleging child sexual abuse
The Associated Press: San Francisco’s Roman Catholic archdiocese filed for bankruptcy Monday, saying the filing is necessary to manage more than 500 lawsuits alleging child sexual abuse by church officials.
Attacks against Palestinian Christians deepens determination to stay on the land
Religion News Service: Palestinian Christians are doing their utmost to encourage their cohort to stay put on their lands.
AI raises complicated questions about authorship*
Inside Higher Ed: As the public awaits clarity on the legality of generative AI outputs, academics parse differences between how machines and humans borrow in creative pursuits.
Irish churches are committing 30 percent of their land to pollinators
Sojourners: Irish bishops have asked parishes across Ireland to set aside 30 percent of their grounds for pollinators and biodiversity by 2030 so the land can be enjoyed “in perpetuity by the whole community.”
This university class uses color and emotion to explore the end of life
The Conversation: “The Colors of Life and the End of Life” pairs original literary artworks produced with people at the end of life with related texts and images from philosophy, ethics and biomedicine.

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