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Monday, August 7, 2023

Paternity leave and the church’s need for change

‘12 years of hell’: Indian boarding school survivors share their stories*
Washington Post: Forced by the federal government to attend the schools, many run by churches, Native American children were sexually assaulted, beaten and emotionally abused. Now a reckoning is underway.
Christians should welcome the conversations ‘Barbie’ sparks
Gospel Coalition: Of the 40 million people who’ve stopped going to church over the last 25 years, 10 percent say they left specifically because of misogyny, writes Jen Oshman. The Barbie movie invites a conversation about our identities both as individuals and as men and women together.
Appealing to religious freedom is the way to counter Christian supremacism in America today
Baptist News Global: Negative witness for the faith may be seen clearly in three areas: Worship, abortion, and marriage. Ironically, the antidote to Christian supremacy in these areas could be one of America’s founding principles: Religious freedom, writes Rick Pidcock.
What if churches ask for more and no one says yes?*
Christianity Today: Jake Meador has a provocative proposal for reversing dechurching. But it may not be that simple.
Paternity leave and the church’s need for change
Baptist News Global: Beyond its obvious benefit to pastors and their families, offering paid paternity leave also demonstrates three ways to make needed changes to church ministries and policies.

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