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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Nicaraguan government bans Jesuit order

Howard Hubbard, longtime Albany bishop clouded by scandal, dies at 84*
The New York Times: The youngest American to be made a bishop, he died while still defending himself against allegations of sexual abuse.
To understand white Christian nationalism, look to Doctrine of Discovery
Baptist News Global: The historic fusing of Christianity and white supremacy is a moral and spiritual cancer eating at the body and soul of the American church, Robert P. Jones says in his latest book, “The Hidden Roots of White Supremacy and the Path of a Shared American Future.”
Denmark proposes bill that could see ban on Quran burnings
Al Jazeera: Citing national security, the Danish justice minister announces a bill aimed at ending the provocative stunts.
Native American group to digitize 20,000 archival pages linked to Quaker-run Indian boarding schools
The Associated Press: A coalition advocating for Native American people traumatized by an oppressive system of boarding schools for Native youths plans to digitize 20,000 archival pages related to schools in that system that were operated by the Quakers.
Catholic church can be sued by family of George Pell’s accuser, Victorian court rules
The Guardian: Melbourne archdiocese loses its legal bid to block a choirboy’s father from suing for damages.
How Shannon Harris kissed biblical womanhood goodbye
Religion News Service: In her forthcoming memoir, Shannon Harris documents her journey from marrying purity culture celebrity Josh Harris to finding herself outside of her marriage and the church.
Nicaraguan government bans Jesuit order and says all its property will be confiscated
The Associated Press: Nicaragua’s government on Wednesday declared the Jesuit religious order illegal and ordered the confiscation of all its property.
We are witnessing the first stages of civilization’s collapse*
The Nation: Will our own elites perform any better than the rulers of Chaco Canyon, the Mayan heartland, and Viking Greenland?
Rights groups oppose Texas law that lets chaplains work as school counselors
The Guardian: Opponents of a law passed in the Republican-run state argue that it is violation of religious freedom guaranteed in US constitution.
Young evangelical activists face a key climate barrier: Their elders
Sojourners: When today’s 3-year-olds will be 30-year-olds, climate scientists expect the height of the slowly unfolding climate disaster to have arrived.

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