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Saturday, August 26, 2023

India’s bishops elated after successful moon landing

Pope Francis: The Eucharist can fill ‘the wounds and voids produced by sin’

The pope said in the eyes of the world it might appear “absurd” to confront societal problems by praying on one’s knees but that it is always effective.
DC attorney general launches investigation into prominent Catholic conservative activist

Leonard Leo, the head of D.C.-based consulting firm CRC Advisors, is currently being investigated by the Washington, D.C., attorney general.
UPDATED: Wyoming bishop cleared of abuse by the Vatican dies at 91

The former bishop of Cheyenne, Joseph Hart, was accused on multiple occasions of sexual abuse of minors, but claims were dismissed.
Catholic Church loses bid to have abuse lawsuit thrown out in Australia

The Court of Appeal agreed with last year’s Supreme Court ruling, ordering that the father of the now-deceased alleged victim could continue with his suit. 
Parents plan appeal as judge rules against opt-out right for LGBT curriculum in Maryland

Catholic, Muslim, and Ethiopian Orthodox parents sued the Montgomery County Board of Education after it changed its parental notification policies.
India’s bishops elated after successful moon landing 

Catholic bishops in India lauded the touchdown of the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft, marking mankind’s first successful mission to the moon’s south pole.
Judge pauses religious freedom training order for Southwest Airlines

Judge Brantley Starr delayed the enforcement of his order, which would have required Southwest lawyers to take an eight-hour religious freedom training course.
Catholic parish challenges Michigan law that would control who it hires

The parish sued the state over fears that a state law was being reinterpreted to force them to hire employees who reject Catholic teachings on sexuality.
Seminarian in Nigeria narrowly escapes shooting by Islamist Fulani attackers

David Igba was traveling with two others when their car was sprayed with bullets by a group of gun-wielding Fulani herders in the Aug. 21 incident.
Hundreds of Pakistan Catholics celebrate Mass outside burned church days after mob attacks

Despite the incredible devastation and widespread fears that another anti-Christian riot would break out, hundreds of Catholics turned to the Eucharist.

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