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Monday, August 21, 2023

I left the church, and lost my community

I left the church, and lost my community*
The Washington Post: The majority of nones once identified themselves as Christians, Perry Bacon Jr. says.
A church in Louisville is standing behind its female pastor, despite controversy
NPR: Fern Creek Baptist Church in Louisville was expelled in June by the Southern Baptist Convention, because it has a female pastor. Congregants at the church say still they support their pastor.
Why Christian Nationalism makes American Christians less Christlike
Religion News Service: What if the greatest danger to the witness of Christianity in the United States wasn’t an outside threat? What if the danger was closer to home and looked so familiar that it was able to evade detection?
Everyone at West Virginia University knew something was up. I hate that we were right.*
Slate: The student population got smaller and smaller while fancy new buildings appeared.
I was proud of the bold sign in my yard. Then a stranger took a lighter to it.
HuffPost: A disheveled, middle-aged white man walked down the sidewalk, talking to himself about “persecuting Jews.” He glanced at the sign my family put on our front fence over a year ago that reads, “Abortion Bans Are Against Our Religion” and burned it, Sarah Erdreich says.

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