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Wednesday, August 9, 2023

He raised millions for bibles but spent it on gambling and gold

‘My prayerful support’: How the New Orleans archbishop hid ‘credibly accused’ abusers
The Guardian: Memo reveals archbishop Gregory Aymond disregarded recommendations from board advisers to publicly label certain accused clerics as credibly suspected molesters.
As seminary enrollment dropped and expenses rose, trustees gave Patterson a $25,000 ‘vacation fund’
Baptist News Global: In 2008, as enrollment was declining and expenses were skyrocketing, trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary gave Paige Patterson a gift for his fifth anniversary as president.
He raised millions for bibles but spent it on gambling and gold, U.S. says*
The New York Times: Prosecutors issued a warrant for Jason Gerald Shenk, saying he defrauded Amish and Mennonite communities of $30 million he claimed would be used to spread Christianity in China.
Judge rules that Southwest failed to follow his order in a flight attendant’s free-speech case
The Associated Press: A judge has sanctioned Southwest Airlines, writing that the airline twisted his words and disregarded his order in the case of a flight attendant who claimed that she was fired for expressing her opposition to abortion.
New national monument comes after more than a decade of advocacy by Native nations
NPR: The new national monument in Arizona that President Biden is announcing today is primarily aimed at protecting Native American sacred sites on just fewer than a million acres of federally owned land.

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