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Friday, July 14, 2023

How do you resurrect an empty church?

How do you resurrect an empty church?*
Slate: America’s aging houses of worship face a stark choice: sell, redevelop, or pray for a miracle.
From Christian temperance to D.A.R.E. — the War on Drugs has its roots in white Christian nationalism
Religion Dispatches: Temperance Education and a rising moral panic about narcotics contributed to new antidrug regulations.
We don’t achieve Christian unity by avoiding polarization
Sojourners: When we avoid clarity about justice because it seems “divisive,” we misunderstand the nature of Christian unity.
When signs of trouble appear, Mayor Adams turns to his religious base*
The New York Times: Adams has leaned heavily on the religious segment of his multiethnic, outer Manhattan base for support.
Religious groups march in Malawi before court case on LGBTQ+ rights
The Guardian: Faith leaders say the proceedings, brought by a transgender woman, are an attempt to legitimize “sinful acts.”

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