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Saturday, July 1, 2023

Bringing light without God: Humanist chaplain Anthony Cruz Pantojas

The Supreme Court overturns affirmative action in college admissions
19th News: Since 1978, the court has allowed colleges and universities to consider the race of applicants. That decision was reaffirmed repeatedly until the current ruling by the court’s conservative majority.
Religious freedom arguments underpin wave of challenges to abortion bans*
The New York Times: In lawsuits challenging state abortion bans, lawyers for abortion rights plaintiffs are employing religious liberty arguments the Christian right has used for decades.
German Catholic church ‘dying painful death’ as 520,000 leave in a year
The Guardian: The speed of departures has been driven by series of child abuse scandals and accusations of a cover-up.
Faith leaders’ support for family leave needs to start with their own staffs
Religion News Service: Moral leadership starts by setting a living example.
To save Jewish culture, American Jews turned to summer camp
NPR: For American Jews who are often used to being in a cultural minority, having that immersive experience can be life-changing.
US Supreme Court strikes blow against LGBTQ+ rights with Colorado ruling
The Guardian: A web designer backed by Christian group argued making websites for same-sex couples would violate her first amendment rights.
Supreme Court rules for Christian mail carrier who refused to work Sundays
NBC News: The case concerns an evangelical Christian who claimed the U.S. Postal Service did not do enough to accommodate his request not to work on Sundays.
Disgraced ex-cardinal McCarrick not competent to stand trial, state expert says*
The Washington Post: An expert for the state of Massachusetts says disgraced ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 92, is not competent to participate in a criminal trial on charges of child sexual abuse, a judge said Thursday. A defense expert made the same assessment in February.
Bringing light without God: Humanist chaplain Anthony Cruz Pantojas
Religion News Service: As colleges move to serve the 35% of millennials and 40% of Gen Z who say they are religiously unaffiliated, the number of humanist chaplains is growing.
Accreditor sanctions Southern Baptist seminary following financial revelations, infighting*
The Tennessean: An accreditor sanctioned Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on Wednesday, escalating an already dramatic saga marked by financial revelations and board infighting at the prominent Southern Baptist Convention seminary.

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