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Friday, July 7, 2023

Bishop Alvarez sent back to prison in Nicaragua

Archbishop Fernández on new role as Vatican’s doctrinal chief: ‘I will do it my way’

In his first interview since his appointment, Archbishop Víctor Manuel Fernández spoke about handling clerical abuse, the German Synodal Way, and same-sex blessings.
Bishop Alvarez sent back to prison after talks with Nicaraguan dictatorship break down

Álvarez was returned to custody after he refused to comply with the Ortega regime’s demand that he go into exile
Anti-human-trafficking film 'Sound of Freedom' just topped ‘Indiana Jones’ at box office

Catholic filmmaker Eduardo Verastegui recently explained how and why he got involved with the film.
The founder of Domino's Pizza wants to be beacon for Catholic higher education

Thomas Monaghan realized he was trying to prove he was successful, so he sold his business and changed his focus.
Man shot at DC's Catholic University was Kentucky high school teacher

Police believe that the two men knew each other, Catholic University of America President Peter Kilpatrick said.

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