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Friday, July 28, 2023

As organized religion falters, the devil falls on hard times

As organized religion falters, the devil falls on hard times
Religion News Service: As faith in God fails, so does belief in the devil. And that may have consequences.
Accreditor requests closure of the King’s College*
Inside Higher Ed: Faced with the possibility of closure since January, the King’s College’s chances of survival took another blow Thursday when its accreditor announced that it has asked the small evangelical college in New York City to “submit a substantive change request for institutional closure” by Aug. 11.
Sinead O’Connor condemned church abuse early. America didn’t listen.*
The New York Times: In Ireland, O’Connor spoke out about abuse and the complicity of religious institutions. When she came to the United States, many were not ready to hear her — yet.
A Notre Dame professor sues a student publication over its coverage of her abortion-rights work
The Associated Press: The case is raising questions about press freedom and academic freedom at one of the nation’s preeminent Catholic institutions of higher education.
Swedish PM ‘extremely worried’ as more apply to burn Quran
The Guardian: Ulf Kristersson says “there is a clear risk of something serious happening” amid growing Muslim anger at the attacks on Islam’s holy book.

Sinead O’Connor, evocative and outspoken singer, is dead at 56*

The New York Times: She broke out with the single “Nothing Compares 2 U,” then caused an uproar a few years later by ripping up a photo of Pope John Paul II on “S.N.L.”
Al Jazeera:
Sinead O’Connor’s Muslim identity missing in obituaries, some fans say
From apps to labyrinths, walking gained as a spiritual tool in COVID-19 crisis
Religion News Service: How the creator of a new walking app, a co-founder of a decades-old walking group and a new generation of labyrinth enthusiasts turned to walking for spiritual renewal.
Portugal is starting the atoning process for clergy sex abuse. Here’s what other countries have done
The Associated Press: The Catholic Church in the United States, Australia and some other countries began coming to terms with their clergy sexual abuse legacies years ago and set up mechanisms to compensate victims.
Media still question whether Trump’s Christians are ‘real’ Christians
Religion Dispatches: For Donald Trump’s Christians, there is no difference between religion and politics. They’re not pretending otherwise. The rest of us shouldn’t either.
New museum on faith in England hopes to buy Henry VIII tapestry from Spain
The Guardian: A work described as the “birth certificate of the Church of England” could form the centerpiece of the Faith Museum in Durham.

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