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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

The Presbyterian Church in America has an abuse crisis too

Southern Baptists end first day of annual meeting with key questions hanging
Religion News Service: The nearly 13,000 messengers left the convention hall not knowing the fate of Saddleback Church, which is appealing its removal from the denomination, or about the future of abuse reforms.
Anglican leader does not have to be ‘white guy from England’, says Justin Welby
The Guardian: The Archbishop of Canterbury says he would welcome “serious changes” to the church communion “that is 90% global south.”
The Catholic Church profited from slavery — ‘The 272’ explains how
NPR: “The 272” tells the story of the Church’s history of enslavement in America, while illustrating the consequences by focusing on generations of one family that had several members among those 272 people sold by the Church in 1838.
The Presbyterian Church in America has an abuse crisis too*
Christianity Today: Women thought the PCA, with its robust system of governance, might provide some accountability. They found that was not the case.
30,000 Haitian kids live in private orphanages. Officials want to shutter them and reunite families.
Associated Press: More than 80% of children in Haiti’s orphanages are considered “poverty orphans.” When parents can’t afford to feed their children, they temporarily place them in orphanages, where they believe they’ll receive better care.

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