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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Iconic Mont Saint-Michel Abbey celebrates 1,000 years

Iconic Mont Saint-Michel Abbey celebrates 1,000 years

Celebrations of the anniversary continue at the iconic historic pilgrimage site until fall of 2023
From coast to coast, eucharistic processions take to the streets across America for Corpus Christi

Social media was full of photos and videos of local eucharistic processions in dioceses around the country.
Woman charged with vandalizing Miami Catholic church, desecrating altar

According to police, Alfa Illescas, 44, was caught on security cameras spray-painting the words “perverts,” “pigs,” and “liars” on the church wall.
Vatican convicts climate activists, orders them to pay $30,000 in damages

The activists superglued their hands to the marble base holding Laocoön and His Sons, an ancient marble sculpture, on Aug. 18, 2022.
Pope Francis laments the spiritual poverty in a culture that leads to teen suicides 

While continuing his recovery in the hospital, Pope Francis called attention to cultural changes that lead people to stop caring for others.

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