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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Sister Wilhelmina’s body: ‘Something special going on there’

Morticians mystified by Sister Wilhelmina’s body: ‘Something special going on there’

The local bishop, who has contacted Rome, says a “thorough investigation” is needed to answer “important questions.”
Columbus Diocese to close 15 churches; bishop calls for stronger Catholic engagement

As part of a parish reorganization and merger plan, Bishop Earl K. Fernandes spoke of new possibilities for growth.
Pope Francis has a fever, Vatican spokesman confirms

The pope’s appointments were canceled Friday because he has a fever.
Pope Francis appoints ‘bishop of the peripheries’ as successor in Buenos Aires

As a priest, Bishop García Cuerva was a prison chaplain in the province of Buenos Aires and both the diocesan and regional delegates for prison ministry.
Ciborium stolen and Eucharist desecrated in chapel in Nicaragua

During the early hours of May 24, unidentified persons desecrated the chapel of Our Lady of Fatima in the small settlement of Campuzano.

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