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Thursday, May 4, 2023

Gay marriage splits a denomination

In NC, a church network turns unused church buildings into homes for refugees
Religion News Service: A glut of underutilized church properties offers a solution to the severe shortage of affordable housing for newly arrived refugees.
Gay marriage splits a denomination
The Assembly: Methodist congregations across the country face a decision over whether to remain in the mainline denomination, or leave it through a process called disaffiliation. In this video, we hear from two people in Statesville, NC, who are affected by this decision.
Are some human rights more important than others? Religious freedom advocates often put it first
The Conversation: What happens when human rights claims come into conflict?
No, ‘being fruitful and multiplying’ won’t save the church
Sojourners: Kevin DeYoung argued that while church attendance in the U.S. is certainly down across the board, conservative denominations have a distinct advantage over their mainline counterparts: Conservative Christians, DeYoung's argument implies, tend to have more children.
Taylor professor Julie Moore cited Jemar Tisby on her syllabus. Then she lost her job.
Religion News Service: A well-respected professor and published poet, Moore said her provost named Tisby in explaining why her contract was not renewed.

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