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Thursday, April 20, 2023



... Peter and John confirm that the body of Jesus is not in the tomb, as the women have said. But what a strange thing. What is happening? I do not understand anything. I'd better go home, it's getting late. I will tell Cleopas, who is here, that we return to our town. Here there is nothing else to do.
- "Look! That man walks towards us. Is he lost? Let's see how we help him?" I tell Cleopas.
- "Hello!" greeted the stranger. "What are you talking about? You look sad."
- "Are you the only foreigner who does not know what has happened these days in Jerusalem?" Cleopas replied.
- The stranger asked us: "What sort of thing?"
- We explained to him: "About Jesus the Nazarene... He was recently crucified, and dead they placed him in the tomb. We thought that he would be the liberator of Israel. But this morning some women worried us, telling us that the Nazarene's body is not in the tomb."
- “It seems to me that you have not fully understood what has happened. Let me explain it to you.” He told us. As we walk with this man we have met along the way, he talks to us as if he knew us well. And his way of speaking is familiar to us, it's like... no, it can't be possible. We almost reached the town, and we decided to invite that man to dinner.
- "Stay with us, because it's already late and it's going to get dark soon." We said. He walks in and sits down at the dinner table next to us. We ask him to do the blessing. What it is he saying? It's him. He's alive. He is here with us. "No wonder our hearts burned as he talked to us on the road and explained the Scriptures to us!"

Where is he? Where did he go? This must be told to the rest of the disciples. Let's run to Jerusalem to tell it. This is how things continued to happen on that first day of the week for the disciples of Jesus. The Risen Lord himself continues to visit his own. Little by little, he introduces them into the mystery of his Resurrection. The sadness of the disciples on their way to Emmaus turns into joy. Once again, the Risen Jesus takes his disciples out of sadness and doubt, and gives them enough courage to announce to others the good news of his Resurrection. Today the Lord Jesus also approaches us to change our sorrows and sufferings into hope, and make us his faithful disciples and witnesses of his Resurrection before the world. Amen

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