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Friday, April 28, 2023

Unmaking a priest: The rite of degradation

Pope Francis gives women historic right to vote at meeting
BBC: The Pope will for the first time allow women to vote at an influential global meeting of bishops in October — a move that has been welcomed as a historic first.
Georgia pastor Mike Stone to challenge SBC President Bart Barber this summer
Religion News Service: Stone said he wants to help local churches do more evangelism and to do a better job at dealing with abuse.
Five ‘Christian influencers’ still face defamation case by former Dominion executive
Baptist News Global: Despite the much-publicized settlement between Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems, five “Christian influencers” still face defamation lawsuits brought against them by Eric Coomer, former director of product strategy and security for Dominion.
After cult deaths, another Kenyan pastor arrested over ‘mass killings’
Reuters: A Kenyan church leader was arrested on Thursday over the “mass killing of his followers,” the interior minister said, just days after the leader of a cult based in the same region was detained and mass graves of his followers were found.
Unmaking a priest: The rite of degradation
JSTOR: The defrocking ceremony was meant to humiliate a disgraced member of the clergy while discouraging laypeople from viewing him as a martyr.
UMC top court rules disaffiliating clergy don’t automatically lose credentials
Religion News Service: A Wisconsin bishop had required clergy whose churches were disaffiliating to give up their jobs or their credentials.
It’s OK to be single, the Church of England says: So was Jesus*
The New York Times: In a new report, a church commission looking at families and households called on society to “honor and celebrate singleness.”
The Ten Commandments could be in every Texas classroom next fall
Vox: Why religion in public schools is making a comeback.
18 Christian colleges closed since the start of COVID-19*
Christianity Today: Enrollment numbers, financial challenges and the pandemic spelled the end.
The ‘open secret’ in most workplaces: Discrimination against moms is still rampant
The 19th: Moms are still often laid off while on parental leave, pushed out of workplaces and subjected to stereotypes about their competency. But with few legal protections, attorneys say most cases go unreported.

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